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Free Daily Schedule + Behavior Management Tips

This is a helpful example of a daily routine that implements various evidence-based practices to manage behavior and optimize learning. While each child is unique, most children thrive under some sort of daily routine. I want to clarify that a daily routine does not need to look like your average school day. In fact, the average public school day routine contradicts and ignores countless evidence-based practices in favor of more practical and convenient methods. Given the current pandemic, I have provided a schedule that may look similar to a typical public school classroom schedule for parents who may be hesitant to stray from the comfort of a typical school schedule. This schedule would be an ideal starting point for a student that would be considered neurodivergent, but it can also be a useful starting point for a student that would be considered neurotypical. Please keep in mind that no student should be sitting at a desk doing worksheets or any single task for an entire hour. The subjects are just blocked off by the hour they would begin, but the notes specify that frequent breaks are necessary.

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