Selective Hiring

Educators At Our Core

AG Tutoring LLC is owned by a former special education teacher and graduate of Vanderbilt University. The owner thoroughly vets each potential tutor. Hundreds of applications are sent in weekly, but only the most qualified and passionate candidates are considered for interviews. A solid background in education is key when evaluating the quality and skill of a potential tutor. Our high standards of instruction set us apart from our competitors. At an absolute minimum, all tutors must hold a bachelor's degree and have prior tutoring experience. Academic tutors must be certified teachers. Nonacademic tutors must be considered masters of their craft.

Less Than 9%

Less than 9% of applicants are offered contracts to tutor potential clients. Our rigorous criteria ensure you won't just be matched with an "okay" tutor.  As of November 21st, this number is actually around 2%.

Safety First

Your safety is our priority. Every potential tutor has been thoroughly vetted and has completed a thorough background check. Many parents are unaware that the top tutoring companies do not conduct thorough background checks and consider a simple sex offender check as a "thorough background check". Our process is much more extensive. We check sex offender status, criminal records, educational experience, verify employment records, and more. 

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